Apostle Robert W. Kendrick

Apostle Robert W. Kendrick
One of the most authentic spiritual leaders of our time, armed with the Word of GOD, this man of vision is determined to make his mark for the Kingdom of GOD. He has an unique anointing on his life that is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone he comes into contact with. Apostle Kendrick is called to minister to the family with a timely message, he is determined to strengthen the community by mending one family at a time. Apostle Kendrick is a man of integrity, a radical trendsetter who is not afraid to ask GOD to do new and creative things through his ministry. Founder and senior pastor of GREATER ST. JOHN CHRISTIAN CENTER. Holy, humble, hungry and driven by his passion to give back and serve others, Apostle R. W. Kendrick continues to make extraordinary strides in ministry. One of those extraordinary strives include becoming an author of his first published book,Lord, Help Me! I’m “Failing” in Love which is about Applying Kingdom Principles for a Successful Marriage. Apostle Kendrick truly exemplifies how a believer should act when they hear God say move and, that is what he did he Prayed, Planned, and Prepared, he moved when God said move.
Apostle Kendrick is the husband of Lady Chandra Kendrick. They are the proud parents of three wonderful children- Raimie, Jonathan, and Caleb.
Under the direction of the Holy Spirit he founded several ministries such as Brothers in Christ, Sisters in Christ, Couples in Christ, and Youth in Christ just to name a few. He annually hosts the “Dominion & Power” Men’s Conference with a mission for men to fight for their destiny.

Lady Chandra N. Kendrick
A Christian woman of virtue, a minister, wife and mother. She co-labors in ministry with her husband Robert W. Kendrick, Senior Pastor of GREATER ST. JOHN CHRISTIAN CENTER in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Lady Kendrick was born in Baton Rouge, raised in Shreveport, LA., and later returned home. She graduated from Mckinley Senior High School and continued to further her education at Southern University A&M and Louisiana State University where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.
Lady Kendrick is the co-founder of Sisters in Christ, a ministry whose mission is to introduce hurting women to a healing GOD. She has a passion for ministry. And is the host of the annual “A Woman Who Hurts A GOD Who Heals” Women’s Conference she exemplifies true character and fulfills her obligation to serve in ministry alongside her husband with poise and grace.
Lady Kendrick and her husband Apostle Robert W. Kendrick are the proud parents of their beautiful children; Raimie, Jonathan, and Caleb.
Not only is she the model First Lady and takes her responsibilities as a wife, and mother, and servant of the kingdom of GOD very seriously, Lady Kendrick also became a Ordained Reverend on December 12, 2014 thus enabling her to be able to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is truly elevating her and taking her to new heights within her life and ministry work.